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  • Artistes and Agents - £48.95
  • British Theatre Directory - £56.95
  • The London Seating Plan Guide - £14.95
  • Artistes and Agents on the web including a copy of the book - 8 per month (96 per annum) *
  • British Theatre Directory on the web including a copy of the book - 8 per month (96 per annum) *
* Web subscriptions are purchased on an annual basis in advance

Postage and Packing costs

  • Artistes and Agents; £6.00 one book, or £8.50 for multiple
  • British Theatre Directory; £6.25 one book, or £8.75 for multiple
  • The London Seating Plan Guide; £1.50 per book


Artistes and Agents 2010 [Book]:
British Theatre Directory 2010 [Book]:
The London Seating Plan Guide [Book]:
Artistes and Agents 2010 Website Subscription [Online]:
British Theatre Directory 2010 Website Subscription [Online]:

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