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British Theatre Directory - Bournemouth & Boscombe, Dorset
Bournemouth International Centre
Exeter Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 5BH
Tel: 01202 456 400
BO: 01202 456 456
Fax: 01202 456 500
BO Fax: 01202 451 024
Party Bookings Tel: 01202 451 865
Tech Fax: 01202 454 786
ADMINISTRATION: Props: Borough of Bournemouth Director: Kevin Sheehan. Technical Coordinator: Christian Knighton (Tel: 01202 451 891) Stage Manager: Barry Beresford (Tel: 01202 451 862) Entertainments Mgt: Rob Zuradzki Policy: Multipurpose hall used for concerts, summer shows, sporting and special events, conferences and exhibitions. Seating/Capacity: 3,600 seated, 4,300 standing.
TECHNICAL: Stage: Proscenium arch 14m wide x 6m high, stage depth 6.75m to safety curtain; 7.6m overall. Portable staging available in unit sizes 2m x 1m. Lighting: Rank Strand Type GSX (96 ways) (D54) Sound: 32.8:8 00A Mixer. Speaker details: 8 F.O.H. plus foldback. Electrical: Bus bars on 3 sides offering 300 amp 3 phase supply. In addition there is a 200 amp 3 phase supply O.P. of stage, 100 amp 3 phase P.S. of stage. Full technical details on request.
Capacity: 4300
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